It’s Not Too Late for Winter Pruning

Professionally Pruned Garden by Bloom'n GardensYou might not notice right away that your yard’s landscape changes.  Over time, some places that used to be sunny are now partly shaded by maturing trees and shrubs.  Even though February is almost over and springtime is right around the corner, there is still time to give your yard a facelift.  Late winter pruning promotes healthy growth when the weather gets warmer, it keeps your yard aesthetically pleasing and keeps it easier to maintain.  Of course, Bloom’n Gardens can help you with your winter pruning along with your other landscaping needs but if you have the extra time and patience to spare, here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to prune like a professional.

Pruning Shears

We recommend sparing no expense when purchasing pruning shears.  Invest in sharp, top-quality shears with easy-to-remove parts that allow for sharpening. Dull blades will crush and tear branches which will not only stress out the plant but your back and arms as well.  Also, make sure your hand shears have a safety mechanism that will keep them closed when they are not in use.

Prune the Right Way

You might feel overwhelmed by the idea of pruning your entire yard.  Tackle one area at a time.  Keep in mind the overall look of the yard and how each plant affects its surroundings.  For instance, if you trim the tree back, will there be too much sun for the neighboring plants?

How To Position Pruning Shears Correctly

How To Correctly Position Pruning Shears

When pruning, first remove any dead or diseased branches.  Then take a step back and think about the overall shape of the plant and how each cut will enhance it.  Cut right above an outward-pointing bud so that new shoots do not emerge pointing inward where they will cut off the air circulation and allow less light to shine through to the branches within.  Opposite-facing budded shrubs, not staggered, should be pruned level and as close to the buds as possible.

For trees, make sure you leave the branch collar intact when removing branches.  The branch collar is the swollen area at the base of the limb where one branch arises from another.  The branch collar is where the tree stores essential protective chemicals that protect the parent limb from disease and promotes faster healing.

There is always a chance for loss when pruning your yard.  If you do not see any growth over the next few months (not during the winter season), the plant could be diseased or have a weak root system and may never come back.  It may be time to purchase a replacement.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your pruning questions.  We are always happy to help a fellow gardener in need!

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