Tree Trimming: It’s Not Just for Christmas, Anymore

When you hear the phrase “trim the tree” your mind probably recalls images of tinsel and baubles adorning a cedar or fir during the holidays. To the landscaper, however, “tree trimming” brings up an essential step in home maintenance that you may be missing. Is your home getting the proper maintenance it needs to avoid infestations, mold, costly damage, and more? Let’s take a look:

Are there tree limbs growing over the top of your home, or into the side of your home?

If so, your home is at risk for a few dangers:

  • Limbs and branches growing at the side of your home can cause damage to your home’s exterior with the pressure and constant friction of their presence.
  • Limbs over the roof could fall in a storm, causing major and costly damage to your roof and structure.
  • Resting leaves on your roof prevent shingles from drying out properly, causing unpleasant shingle rot and damage.
  • Branches over/at your home give rodents and insects a direct highway into your home, leading to squirrels and other pests in the roof and walls.
  • Aesthetically, branches growing over your home isn’t always the most pleasing sight.

What can you do to deal with trees invading your home space?

If you don’t want to cause too much damage to the tree involved and still want to protect your home, and if you want to avoid accidental damage during the tree trimming process, it’s best to call the professionals, such as the Bloom’n Gardens Crew.

trimming a tree in Georgia

Chris Troup works with Bloom’n Gardens to trim a tree.


Take a look outside and see if you have any trees close enough to damage if your Georgia home. See any trees that need attention? If so, give us a call to take care of them and keep your home looking great: 404-314-1474

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