August Landscape To-Do’s

Can you believe that it’s already August? For many gardeners, the month of August starts the slow trickle into off season. However, if you’re in a warmer climate (and Atlanta certainly qualifies), you can still take advantage of a second wind in gardening that will help keep your flowers, shrubs and vegetables going longer, plus take advantage of opportunities to get a head start on the coming spring. Here are a few ideas for your garden in the month of August from the Bloom’n Gardens team:

  • Plan and purchase spring bulbs for planting
  • Freshen up mulch or pine straw as needed
  • Prune summer-blooming shrubs like Hydrangea, Clethra and Caropteris as their blooms begin to fade.
  • Begin dividing perennials
  • Begin planning your fall veggie garden, keeping leafy greens (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale) and root vegetables like sweet potato and carrots in mind.
  • Plant gorgeous fall-blooming bulbs like Crocus and Lycoris so they’ll bloom on time, offering a wide array of colors like purple, yellow and white.

Watering Basics in Summer container planters

While August does begin the off season, frequent watering is still very important during this typically dry month. For best results, remember to water early in the morning, and water the soil not the leaves. Additionally, you’ll get better results if you water deeply and occasionally rather than watering a little bit all day long. Keep a special eye on containers (like the ones to the right) and hanging plants as well. A quick tip: you can push your fingers down an inch or so into the soil to check the moisture levels.

If you have a birdbath in your outdoor space, help your feathered friends out by changing the water regularly and keeping it clean. Standing water can be an inviting breeding ground for mosquitoes, and who wants that in their landscape?

What other gardening tasks do you tackle during the month of August? Share with us by leaving a comment below!

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