Autumn Powers Bring Spring Flowers

Summer is a time for rest, relaxation, and let’s face it, carting kids all over creation. But now fall is nearly upon us, and with the kids cultivating their minds and digging through homework, it’s the time for busy moms to tackle those overgrown Georgia gardens. No matter how well tended your plants, there are plenty of ways to prep for next spring—and give your fall flowers a face-lift.Peanut Pods

Preparing Spring Planting

If this rain has taught us anything, it’s that landscape design relies on foresight and preparation. Lawns have trickled into streams, flowerbeds flood like pools, and more plants than just yours have suffered the effects of root rot. But landscape maintenance should start long before you plant your first bulb. Take this late summer lull as an opportunity to assess your year’s troubles and keep them from cropping up again come spring. Set aside an afternoon to determine your drainage problems and manage your garden’s water flow. Consider whether you’re working with your landscape or fighting its natural inclinations. Design your spring garden and problem-solve before you plant. Then decide what your landscape needs to flourish in the future. Fall is prime time to:

  • Arrange beds and plant spring bulbs
  • Protect tender plants from winter’s oncoming chill
  • Move planters inside, first checking for disease and pests
  • Fertilize lawns and plant sod
  • Aerate and overseed
  • Prune hedges

 Autumn Landscape Design

Once you’ve mastered your Buckhead landscape, start digging toward those holiday blooms. Fall is a great time to step outside the flower box and discover unexplored vegetation. Investigate vegetable gardens, think ahead to the holidays, and saturate your garden with color by investing in berries or fall blooms.

If you’re not sure which flora is right for fall, ask a professional how to adapt your garden to the upcoming season.

photo from flickr

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