Landscape DIY: Aeration and Overseeding

aeration shoesSchool is back in session, and your family’s little offshoots are growing their minds and cultivating their futures in the classroom. Now it’s time for moms to give their gardens the TLC needed to succeed in the year to come. Grab your gardening gloves because fall is upon us, and late September offers ideal conditions to aerate and overseed.


Before aeration, Georgia gardeners need to ready their roots for revitalization. Weed and dethatch your lawn using herbicides, dethatching machines, or good old fashioned gardening gloves. Clearing your lawn’s buildup of dead grass, tangled weeds, and thick fibrous plant life allows your lawn to breathe easy, making your aeration more effective. Then choose the right tool for your DIY aeration:

  • Hand aerator
  • Aerator shoes
  • Spike aerator
  • Rolling aerator
  • Plug aerator

Rolling aerators and plug aerators work efficiently with one use, but hand aerators, aerator shoes, and spike aerators may need multiple applications to effectively allow oxygen and nutrients to your plants’ roots. Simply follow the purchase or rental instructions to aerate your landscape.


Applying fresh seed to your fall fescue fills dry or bare patches that may have developed during your family’s hot summer escapades. Overseeding machines are easy to rent and use. To begin:

  • Aerate your lawn
  • Find the right seed
  • Apply a layer of starter fertilizer
  • Irrigate and hydrate your soil
  • Lay your seed, focusing on laying even layers without gaps or overlap
  • Water several times daily for the first 2 weeks
  • Fertilize every few weeks
  • Allow your grass to grow several inches before mowing

Once your grass is established, you can trim, design, and enjoy your lush, maintained lawn. Then reward the hard work of your kids’ favorite gardener by planning a late fall picnic, organizing a pickup game of football, or simply cutting loose with your family on your green, gorgeous grass.

Call Bloom’n Gardens with any questions about aerating and overseeding your fescue lawn this fall.

photo from flickr

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