Perennial Color in Fall Gardens

The Bloom’n Gardens team is a bunch of busy bees this week, planting pops of fall color in Atlanta, Mableton, and Smyrna flowerbeds. After a month of aeration and seeding, weeding, and soil preparation, it’s finally time to enjoy the fruits of fall labor: stunning, colorful perennial beds. Last week marked the start of fall color planting, and gardeners across Georgia are snatching up pansies, violas, mums, and fall veggies. Here are a few things to remember as you finish planting and establishing perennial blooms.

Planning Your Fall Flowerbed

Whether you love sprawling rows of kale and cabbages, or neat, contained flower gardens, designing your bed before you begin ensures a landscape free of problems. Heighten your curb appeal and limit weed infestations by filling all available soil with bright perennial blooms. Be mindful of both fall blooms and fall bulbs when designing your landscape. Daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinth will revive year after year, while tulips generally last only a season. For maximum effect, choose a handful of vivid shades that will pop against your home and landscape, and give your fall flowers room to bloom.

fall gardenGarden Designs

Whether you’re drawn to carefully tended beds or lush, wild English gardens, adding too much color or crowding your perennials will undermine the aesthetics of your landscape. Work with the shape of your home and yard, digging beds by the porch or lining pathways with perennials. If your design feels overcrowded, consider adding garden ornaments. Small statues, stones, or signs will give the eye a place to rest, making your perennial presentation more effective. Balance your organic and inorganic materials for dramatic contrast, working recycled concrete walls, patio furniture, and unique touches like a fire pit into a lounge area beside your beds.

As you cultivate cool-weather blooms, tend to the success of your garden by developing good habits in Atlanta lawn maintenance. Call Bloom’n Gardens Landscapes for tips on fall garden layouts and Smyrna landscape designs.

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