Count Your Backyard Blessings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Holidays are on the horizon, fall foliage is bursting with dazzling golds, reds, and rusts, and the scent of cinnamon, pine, and pansies drift idly by as you weed your fall flowerbeds. But fall landscaping goes deeper than simply giving thanks for the beauty of the world around you: the autumn season presents an opportunity to create new wonders in the garden. Here are three reasons landscaping ventures are ripe for fall.

Practical Perks

The warm earth and crisp breezes of fall make fall planting doubly effective. New transplants get the opportunity to establish their roots before the bitter chill of winter sends them to sleep. Because our southern growing season extends beyond typical fall planting times, Georgia offers our landscapes a boost of color and beauty as the cold weather approaches. Autumn is also the ideal season for practical installations like stepping-stones and pathway lighting, which can save your loved ones from twisting an ankle on frost-kissed sidewalks this winter.

Holiday Landscapes

Create a vivid landscape for your holiday dinner party by installing window boxes, hanging decorative garden ornaments, and adding cool-weather blooms to your flowerbeds. Sprigs of holly, rich jewel-toned pansies, and fall color trees make spectacular additions to your holiday landscape. Keep your yard free of fallen leaves, which disrupt the aesthetic flow and often generate bacteria buildup in your grass and flowerbeds.

gardening giftThe Gift That Keeps Giving

Whether you’re sprucing up your mother’s flowerbeds or planning a secret landscape install for your spouse, vegetation makes an ideal holiday gift for the person who has everything. Give an unlikely gift this year, and reap the benefits for many years to come.

For information on fall landscape installation and design, call Bloom’n Gardens Landscape.

photo from flickr

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