Natural Home Decor

Most homeowners who hear “home garden displays” have the same mental image: beautiful floral arrangements as centerpieces, cascading from window boxes, and scattered around the house. Incorporating garden elements into your home gets trickier in the cooler months when summer flowers stop blooming and fall perennials seem better suited to finishing touches than elaborate floral masterpieces. But natural fall materials can create just as much beauty as an array of bright summer blossoms. Adding organic adornments to your holiday decorations creates whimsy, boldness, and rustic appeal to your traditional decorating.

Back to Basics

Nothing illustrates the bounty of the Thanksgiving season quite like natural decorating. Bring the warmth of fall into your home by arranging pumpkins, mums, and bold fall foliage into seasonal displays for your porch, table, or mantle. Arrange pinecones and cinnamon sticks in glass bowls, create centerpieces by twining white Christmas lights around branches from your yard, and incorporate twine and stone into a display with your favorite fall flowers. Decorating with organic elements can be as simple or complex as you like, and there’s always an opportunity to adapt old displays to the new plants flourishing in your garden.

pine conesNatural Decorating DIYs

There’s no simpler way to balance nature and nurture in your decorating than by undertaking a do-it-yourself masterpiece. Create a simple Thanksgiving wreath with pinecones, bright fall leaves, or twigs from your backyard. Add color and style with burlap bows, shimmery gauze ribbons, or berries and flowers from your fall garden. For a simple, sleek twist on classic indoor arrangements, paint pinecones and branches white or gold. Use your spruced up organic materials as bookends, mantelpiece displays, or centerpieces.

Growing Garden Embellishments

Natural decorating for the holidays is a simple as stepping into your yard and choosing your favorite elements. As you pluck branches and berries from your bushes, look ahead to next year. If you don’t have the materials that have inspired your favorite seasonal decorations, the solution is as easy as growing them in your garden.

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