Keeping Your Winter Landscape Fresh

Hydrangea Festival in Douglasville 2010For many gardeners, “landscaping” means “planting.” Cobblestones, retaining walls, and large garden ornaments seem less crucial beside the vivid color of winter flowers and shrubs. It’s true that without berries, evergreens, and cool-weather perennials, winter landscapes would lack the crispness and warmth of the Christmas season. But inorganic materials play a key role in landscape design. As you assess your winter landscape, consider the unnatural elements that bring harmony and rest to the fresh colors of your winter vegetation.


Any inanimate object in your landscape design falls into the category of “hardscaping.” Cobblestones, terraces, fences, retaining walls, and garden ornaments are just a few of the opportunities for hardscaping in your yard. Hardscaping brings unity and peace to your garden, creating fluidity with the architecture of your home and giving the eye a place of rest. Hardscapes create contrast with plants, balancing softer garden elements with the structure and permanence of benches and pathways. Incorporating these elements into your landscape is easier during the winter because, due to decreased vegetation, you get a better sense of the unique contours of your yard.

Pathways and Retaining Walls

Consider the larger elements of hardscaping before you begin planting holly bushes and winter ornamental flowers. Pathways, retaining walls, and garden benches have practical uses as well as aesthetic appeal. Sketch your garden design or confer with a professional to balance the natural slope of your yard, the need for visual harmony, and the function of cobblestones and retaining walls.

Ornamental Landscaping

Ornamental hardscaping includes a variety of elements of all sizes and functions. Some, like trellises or decorative wheelbarrows, anchor flowers and small plants to your design, marrying the natural and inorganic elements of your yard. Others, like birdbaths and feeders, attract living beauty to your landscape. Still other hardscaping elements are purely decorative. Ornamental landscaping adds visual interest to the design of your yard. Choose your garden ornaments carefully and sparingly to keep the focus on the broader scope of your landscape and home.

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