Landscape Design

At Bloom’n Gardens Landscape we take a partnership approach to helping you bring outdoor vision to life.  Our mission is to guide you through the design and construction processes, and ultimately create a personal space tailored to your dreams.

We lay the foundation by considering the site topography, sun and shade exposure, your lifestyle, and your personal taste.  Hardscape elements like pathways, patios, walls, water features, fireplaces, and kitchens build the frame of your ideal outdoor paradise. Finally, we choose the right plants for the right place to ensure long term success and maintainability.

Our goal is to make your outdoor environment an extension of your indoor living space and to reflect your unique needs and personality. At Bloom’n Gardens Landscape we are committed to finding beautiful solutions to your landscape design challenges. The greatest compliment we can receive is for a client to say they feel like they have taken a mini vacation when enjoying their new landscape.

Landscape Estimates vs. Landscape PlansBloomn Gardens Dreams to Life

After meeting with you onsite to review the space and discuss your current needs, future goals and estimated budget, we can either work up an estimate or draw a plan for your project.  How do you know which is right for you?

Estimates outline in written detail our solutions to your landscape challenges. Estimates work best for small landscape enhancements, maintenance plans, additions of small hardscapes and irrigation system installations, upgrades or repairs. Estimates are usually ready within 7-10 days from our initial consultation.

  • Can be prepared quickly
  • No design costs


  • Does not include a drawing
  • Does not create a unified plan

If you already have a good existing framework and want to get to work soon, an Estimate would be best for you.  Click to get started!

Development of a Landscape Plan is a more structured process and includes significant input from you.  A landscape plan can include concept drawings, scaled drawings, plant lists, detail drawings, or even 3-D renderings.  Design fees depend on the size and complexity of your site. The cost can range from $400 for simpler front or back yard design, to $1500 or more for a large or complex sites.  A landscape plan can take two weeks or longer to develop.

  • Creates a “total picture”, a roadmap to your ideal outdoor space
  • Helps to stage the work into project phases
  • Gives you the choice to do it all yourself, let Bloom’n Gardens do the hard parts, or have a turnkey transformation
  • Lets you compare job bids more easily


  • Upfront investment
  • Longer time to prepare

If you have ideas and inspirations but don’t quite know how to fit them together, a Landscape Plan would be worth the investment to help you create your dream space.