The Bloom’n Gardens Landscape Design/Build Process

Initial Consultation

Your dream space begins with a visit from Bloom’n Gardens Landscapes’ staff Landscape Architect, who will walk the site with you and discuss the possibilities and challenges of creating your vision for the property.  From this site visit, we develop a landscape estimate or a proposal for a landscape plan.  Landscape Estimate vs. Landscape Plan

Project Acceptance/Scheduling

Once you have reviewed and accepted our estimate, your project starts with a signed contract and deposit.  Bloom’n Gardens Landscape then assigns work dates on our schedule board.  Keep in mind that landscape projects are outdoors and at the mercy of our Georgia weather!  As a result, work dates may change.  We will always let you know as soon as we anticipate any delay, or if we are able to start work earlier than scheduled.


Depending on the scope of work, permits may be required before we can get started.  At Bloom’n Gardens, we ALWAYS get the appropriate permits.  While it can seem like an unnecessary hassle, there are hidden pitfalls to unpermitted work!  Fines can be incurred, stop work orders can delay a project, and there can even be problems with selling your house down the road.

Utility Locates

To avoid damage to buried utilities, Bloom’n Gardens Landscape will call in a utility locate for your site to mark the approximated locations of major utilities with paint or flags. You do not have to be there to meet them.  (You may want to note the locations for your future reference.) Utility locates are only done to the meter or service connection, and not beyond.

NOTE:  Not all critical underground items are located in the 811 utility locate service!  It is your responsibility to notify Bloom’n Gardens Landscape of any unrecorded underground objects to prevent damage from digging.  This could include septic tanks, electrical or water lines from your main service to an outbuilding, or lines from the meter to the house.

Change Orders

It is our policy at Bloom’n Gardens Landscape to be as comprehensive as possible when we develop estimates.  However, landscape construction is a dynamic process and sometimes the unexpected crops up.  Also, as your yard is transformed, you may see some additional enhancements that would make sense or be more cost effective to include in the project.  Each “extra” will be written up as a change order and presented for your approval, whether it is required by the project or requested by you the customer.  You will receive a copy for your files.

Walk Through and Punch List

After the project is completed, we typically create a punch list and walk through the site with you to ensure that Bloom’n Gardens Landscape has fully met your expectations.  We also present the final invoice at this time.  For larger projects with many phases, there may be progress punch lists and invoices which will be scheduled when major portions of the work are substantially complete.  Small projects often don’t have a formal walk through, but we welcome our customer’s input and are committed to touchups necessary to finishing a quality landscape.