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Office Manager Job Opportunity In The Northern Atlanta Metro Area

We are looking for a reliable candidate for this open position with Bloom’n Gardens Landscape.

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Office Manager

Apply for this position with Bloom’n Gardens Landscape in the northern Atlanta metro area.

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Office Manger Position

Non-field Team Member – Mableton, GA

The best landscaping company in the city (world?), with a stellar company culture? Absolutely!

Health benefits? Yep, those too, we even pay well!

Looking for a job where you will be given lots of trust and will have the opportunity to really make a difference? You got it!

Does this sound like you?

· You are excited by spreadsheets and intrigued by learning new software systems.

· Your friends joke about how organized you are, and you are ‘the planner’ in your group of friends/family.

· You are a perfectionist; the typos and grammatical errors in this job ad jump out and bother you.

· You have years of experience as an office manager, or in a similar management role.

· You are comfortable working around dirt, landscaping trucks, and equipment in an industrial yard.

· You can see yourself managing an office for a team of kind, respectful, hardworking landscapers.

· You want to work in a high-paced, small business where you’re given a clear role and defined responsibilities.

· You want to take over and own this role, while having a supportive management team to help you grow.

Company. . .

Bloom’n Gardens Landscape LLC is a growing leader in the landscape maintenance and construction market in Atlanta. We are proud of both our long-term customers and employees. We specialize in offering boutique residential and HOA’s professional grounds maintenance services.

What we do isn’t what matters, it’s Why do we do it. We have a strong focus on building a team with a great culture, we enjoy working hard as a team in a fast-growing small business, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We all take immense pride in the work that we do and work to reach our goals together. You’ve never worked for a trades business like this before. Check us out –

Should you be up to the challenge, this role will involve. . .

You will be introduced to the role with a list of specific responsibilities, and what’s expected from you to deliver on them successfully, and what order you should focus on learning them. The President, CFO, Operations Manager, and Director of Human Resources will spend focused time with you to refine your roles and responsibilities to make you a key player in our companies future success. You will be positioned to take charge of our office and will be involved in nearly every aspect of the business.

What you would handle. . .

· Focus on supporting Account and Operations management roles by supplying oversight for these areas of our business, and ensuring our processes are followed. You will hold them accountable to the deadlines and help them on the Admin/Office part of their roles.

· Supply oversight for our team email inboxes to ensure we are communicating back to clients effectively. Along with an office admin that reports to you, you will make sure the entire admin side of our business is kept orderly.

· Constant pulse on sales and production pipelines/schedules. Removing admin/office obstacles so sales and production managers can do their jobs effectively. Holding these managers accountable to deadlines (e.g. Getting estimates out on time, or hitting production goals)

· Software systems: Mastering, updating, and managing the various software systems used to keep our company running. Managing documents both digital and paper.

· A/R: Invoicing and reconciliation, collecting checks and preparing for deposit, collecting receivables from past due clients.

· A/P: Verify/approve sub-contractor invoices, process payments for signature and distribution.

What we are looking for . . .

· A genuine, trustworthy person that will contribute to our work environment in a positive way.

· *A problem solver. We like people who really own their role. We will give you the tools and systems, train you to be successful, and support you. It is expected that you will take problems and solve them, not bounce problems back to other managers without supplying options and suggestions.

· Always looking for ways to improve yourself as well as the company. We really appreciate any recommendations or tips you might have from earlier experience or otherwise! We try to move and change quickly when systems aren’t working properly.

· Experience working in the trades/service industry as an assistant, admin, or management role is an asset but not required. You must be comfortable working in a construction field office.

· Exceptional time and priority management skills. Able to handle workplace distractions and multiple tasks without getting frustrated.

· Excellent communication skills, fluency in English, able to communicate professionally with clients.

· An energetic personality, able to connect with people effectively.

· Someone looking for a long term career home.

· Above average computer/tech skills. Highly competent with the MS Office 365 Suite, and able to learn new software systems efficiently. If you have experience working with LMN  make sure you let us know in your application.

When you’d be working . . .

· Monday – Friday – 7:00-4:30 with flexibility required for seasonal fluctuation – expect to be busier during spring/fall season changes, and slightly less in the middle of summer and winter.

What your compensation and benefits would look like . . .

· Compensation based on experience.

· Generous PTO structure

· Compensated learning and educational opportunities

· Ongoing internal and external professional development

· Six paid holidays

· Premium Health Insurance Plan 50% company co-share

· Available company dental and vision plan

· Company paid basic life insurance

· Company Bonus/Profit Sharing Plan

Who you’d report to . . .


Who you’d work with . . .

· President

· Account Managers

· Operations Manager

· Director of Human Resources and Safety

· Office Administrator

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