Lawn insects can be a real problem here in the Atlanta, Georgia area. They can move throughout your lawn and eat either the roots of your grass or the actual grass blades, leaving behind a trail of damage in their wake. 3 lawn insects that you should watch out for in the Atlanta area include grubs, armyworms, and spittlebugs. These lawn insects start to become a problem when the weather warms up. If you suspect any of these lawn insects have taken over your property, you will need to schedule treatments ASAP to prevent them from causing too much damage to your lawn. Continue reading to learn how to identify these lawn insects and what you should do if you spot them on your lawn.

1. Grubs

Close up on grubs crawling around in the dirt on a property in Buckhead, GA.

Grubs are white, C-shaped insects and they are the larva form of a Japanese or June beetle. They live underground and feed on the roots of grass. They usually start hatching between late June and August and will stay in their larva form for several months before eventually transforming into beetles.

If you notice that grubs have infested your lawn, you will want to schedule grub control treatments right away. That's because these lawn insects can cause serious damage to your lawn if they are left unchecked. This is because grubs eat at the root system of your lawn and can completely detach your lawn from the soil, starving your grass of essential nutrients.

2. Armyworms

Close up on an armyworm found on a leaf by a home in Smyrna, GA.

Armyworms are the caterpillar form of a moth identified and can be identified by thin green, yellow, red, and brown stripes that run along their back. As moths, these insects can lay up to several hundred eggs. These lawn insects love to feed on grass blades and they can cause significant damage to lawns if infestations are not treated in a timely manner. If you suspect that your lawn is infested with armyworms, the best course of action would be to call in pest control professionals. They will be able to identify if your lawn is infested with armyworms, and if so, they can administer treatments to eliminate them from your property.

3. Spittlebugs

A spittlebug's foam left behind on a plant stem on our potential client's property in Brookhaven, GA.

Spittlebugs are lawn insects that get their name due to the fact that they leave globs of foamy "spit" along the stems of plants as they move about. These tiny insects can be identified by the orange or yellow stripes that run horizontally across their back.Spittlebugs are active in Georgia from the time they hatch in March or April, until the fall season and usually start becoming a problem for property owners around June. These lawn insects feed by piercing plant stems and sucking the fluids from them and an infestation of spittlebugs left untreated will cause plants to lose their shape. If your lawn is under attack from these insects, you'll want to call in professionals to deal with them. They will be able to confirm that spittlebugs are the cause of your problems, and they will administer the appropriate treatments to get rid of them.

Remove lawn debris like fallen branches and leaves to limit the places spittlebugs can live during cold months.

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