A low-maintenance landscape requires minimal effort to maintain its health and attractiveness. Strategic landscape additions like mulch and native plants, trees, and shrubbery will reduce a property’s need for extensive care. Georgia property owners can make their lawns low maintenance by adding native plants like azaleas and crossvines that thrive in our environment with little to no help.

Since 2005, Bloom’n Gardens Landscape has been providing superior lawn and landscaping services to residents throughout the metro Atlanta, GA region, including Buckhead and Smyrna. We understand what it takes to keep properties looking their best all year long, which is why we offer our full-service landscaping maintenance package to the homes and businesses around Atlanta.

Benefits of a Low-Maintenance Landscape

Maintaining and caring for a landscape takes a lot of hard work and time. Many property owners find the task overwhelming, and their yards can suffer from a lack of maintenance. A low maintenance landscape saves time, effort, and money on lawn care, gardening, tree and shrub pruning, and more. Low maintenance landscapes are also helpful for water conservation efforts. For instance, drought-tolerant plants in your garden won’t need frequent watering, so you’ll use less water while saving time and money.

Native plants adapt to their environment and don't require much time or attention.

A native plant shares a symbiotic relationship with its environment and local wildlife without human intervention. It takes thousands of years for the relationship to form. During that time, the plant evolves and learns how to thrive in a specific region and adapts to its climate, soil, potential pest infestation, and rainfall.

Native plants are naturally low-maintenance because:

  • They require no fertilizer or pesticides.
  • They usually need less water than non-native plants.
  • They can crowd out weeds.
  • They have a solid resistance to local weather.

Examples of native plants, trees, and shrubs for landscapes in the metro Atlanta area:

  • Red Maple Tree
  • Crossvine
  • Firecracker Plant
  • Azalea
  • Allegheny Monkeyflower

Use Ground Covers When Creating Your Low-Maintenance Landscape

A landscape bed with white flowers topped with mulch on a property in Atlanta, GA.

Mulch is typically made up of wood chips from several tree species. Other common types of mulching materials are rocks and pine straw. These ground covers will act as a protective barrier for your landscape beds and around your trees.

Each type of ground cover comes with distinct benefits. For instance, rocks won't shift in the wind and don’t degrade over time, so you can keep them around your garden beds for two years or more. However, all mulch types offer universal benefits that reduce maintenance requirements for landscapes, including:

  • Weed Growth Prevention: Sunlight is a must-have for weeds. Ground coverings like mulch will effectively cover your soil and reduce how much light penetrates the ground. If weeds attempt to sprout, your mulch will stifle them.
  • Reduction of Soil Erosion: A standard three-inch layer of mulch will prevent rainwater from shifting and washing away the soil.
  • Garden Attractiveness: Ground coverings come in various types, styles, and colors to boost a landscape’s beauty.
  • Protection against Extreme Temperature: Georgia temperatures can get hot, but mulch provides adequate shade to protect plant roots and help retain soil moisture.

Why choose a full-service lawn and landscape maintenance package?

Full-service maintenance packages like ours will keep your landscape protected, healthy, and beautiful all year long. These programs will cross mowing, trimming, weed pulling, and more off of your to-do list. Who wouldn't want that?! At Bloom’n Gardens Landscape, you can sign up for our maintenance package and rest easy knowing that your property will stay in optimal condition throughout the year.

Our full-service lawn and landscape maintenance package includes:

  • Mulch installation
  • Weed control
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Lawn disease remediation
  • Lawn fertilization

We also offer add-on services to meet the needs of every customer. Add-ons include shrub and tree care and lawn pest control.

Cross off your lawn maintenance to-do list with one phone call!

With a full-service landscape maintenance package from Bloom’n Gardens Landscape, you can be sure your yard will be beautiful and healthy all year long. Our company can take care of your lawn care, mulching, plant installation, and more to the Greater Atlanta, GA area, including Buckhead, Smyrna, and Vinings. Call (404) 314-1474 for your quote today.