As property owners in Georgia, at some point, we will endure the tragedy of brown grass in our lawn and face the decision between repairing or replacing it. Before you make any decisions, you'll want to determine whether the grass is dead or just dormant. If you determine the grass is dead, you'll want to assess how much of the grass has been affected – more than half dead calls for a replacement, whereas less than half dead can likely be saved. For replacement, opting for sod installation is typically the easiest and most efficient route. Repairing your grass calls for a four-pronged approach with fertilization, weed control, overseeding, and aeration. Either way you go, you can get back to the lush, green lawn you love in no time!

Determine if the Grass Is Dead or Dormant

Lawn containing both brown and green grass in Buckhead, GA.

You'll want to determine if your grass is dead or just dormant to set the tone of your solution. Perform a "tug test," which is as simple as it sounds – tug on a blade of the brown grass. If it comes up easily, the grass is probably dead, but if it's well-secured, that means the roots are still strong and it's likely just dormant.

If you're unsure, observe the distribution of the brown grass. If the entire lawn is brown, that commonly signifies dormancy. If the lawn is brown in patches, that indicates some kind of harm making its way through your lawn and killing grass as it goes.

Do the tug test in a few spots throughout the lawn for a clearer picture of the issue.

Assess How Much of the Lawn Is Affected

If you've determined that the brown grass you're dealing with isn't from dormancy but rather a dead or dying lawn, the next step is to assess if it can be saved or not. The best barometer for this is how much of the grass has been affected. If more than half of the lawn is dead, it could take more money and time to nurse it back to health than to just start fresh. In this case, opt for a replacement. If less than half of the lawn is dead, it can likely be saved with some TLC!

The earlier you identify an issue and get on top of it, the better chance you'll have of being able to save your lawn.

Options for Repairing or Replacing Your Lawn

Core aeration machine churning up soil cores in Smyrna, GA.

For replacing a dead lawn: Opting for sod installation is going to be your easiest and most efficient option here. Sod installation offers an instant solution, providing you with the lush, green lawn you want the same day it's installed.

For repairing a dying lawn: To repair your dying lawn, you'll want to take a four-pronged approach that covers all the bases.

  1. Fertilization: Replenishes your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive
  2. Weed control: Stops weeds in their tracks so there's no competition for resources at this vulnerable time
  3. Overseeding: Improves your turf's density and fills in any bare spots
  4. Aeration: Alleviates compaction in the soil to improve nutrients, water, and air to access roots

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