Even though our snowfall rates aren't out to break any records, our cold winter weather can still pose a threat to the health of your plants. Many property owners utilize mulch in their landscape beds and gardens throughout the year, but during the winter season, a mulch ground covering can make a big difference in the health of your vegetation. Mulch has 3 main benefits that you should know: it can retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and protect against weeds.

These are each important because you don't want your plants drying out in the winter season or constantly freezing and defrosting during winter dormancy, as these can both cause the stamina of your plants to weaken. Pesky weeds steal nutrients from your plants as long as they have sunlight and moisture, which mulch will help protect against. Once you add mulch to your garden this year, you won't want to go through another winter without it!

Mulch Helps to Retain Moisture in Your Soil

Professional installing fresh mulch in Buckhead, GA.

One of the greatest benefits of mulch is its ability to retain moisture. Under warmer weather conditions, it will keep your plants from drying out by creating a barrier between your soil and the sun. As the winter approaches, your plants won't require nearly as much water as they did throughout previous seasons because they will begin going into winter dormancy.

However, we're still right in the sweet spot before winter has arrived, and your plants are still in need of water to stay nice and healthy. Mulching them will allow you to drastically reduce your watering schedule, as the mulch will keep your soil hydrated consistently throughout the fall, especially since your plants won't have to compete with the heat every day!

Mulch Helps Regulate Soil Temperatures in Your Landscape Beds

Plants often struggle to regulate soil temperatures on their own. This is why applying mulch to your landscape beds in the winter is so important. You never want your soil to be in a constant cycle of freezing and defrosting throughout winter dormancy. Their cell walls and roots do not have the stamina to undergo these changes and remain healthy. Mulch will naturally act as a temperature regulator against this issue. It will keep the sun from constantly defrosting your soil during the winter so that the roots of your plants are well-protected.

Mulch Provides Protection Against Weeds

Landscape bed with red mulch and flowers in Smyrna, GA.

Another valuable way that mulch can protect your plants in the winter is by keeping out pesky weeds! Unfortunately, the winter doesn't exempt your plants from dealing with weeds, since they thrive off of plenty of sunlight and moisture. If any are germinating beneath your soil, they will receive all the nutrients they need even with the cold, damp weather.

Mulch will lay a blanket of protection over your soil, helping keep sunlight away from the weeds. If you notice that weeds are already pervasive in your landscape beds, then ideally you should schedule professional weed control to deal with this problem before having mulch installed.

Some common weeds found in Georgia include henbit, crabgrass, and chickweed.

Don't let the winter season roll in without first protecting your plants! Call us to schedule our mulch installation service.

If you've gone through winters without mulch, you probably know how devastating the weather can be for your gardens and landscape beds. This year, don't let the winter season roll around without protecting your plants with our mulch ground cover.

At Bloom’n Gardens Landscape, our first goal with applying mulch in the winter season is to help your plants make it through winter dormancy so that they can see a successful spring growing season! We offer our mulch installation service in Atlanta, Buckhead, Smyrna, and nearby areas in Georgia. Give us a call today at (404) 314-1474 to schedule.