Fall Aeration & Overseeding Promotes Cool-Season Grasses to Grow Thicker in Northern Atlanta

Aeration and overseeding in the fall produces thriving, full lawns in Atlanta, Buckhead, Smyrna, and surrounding Georgia areas.

Is your lawn patchy and quickly losing its aesthetics? Fall in the northern Atlanta area is the time for overseeding and aeration to help create thicker grass coverage and a healthier lawn. Bloom’n Gardens Landscape provides aeration and overseeding services in the north Atlanta metro area like Atlanta, Buckhead, and Smyrna.

What is overseeding?

Fescue lawn grass benefiting from overseeding treatments near Atlanta, GA.

Overseeding is typically combined with aeration and helps achieve:

  • Thicker grass
  • Better and more consistent lawn color
  • More resistance to weeds and pests

Because there is a high concentration of grass seed in the targeted area, the grass density will increase. This will help even out thin or bare patches that have developed over time.

Overseeding means sowing grass seeds in places where there is already grass. This is different than reseeding, which involves starting a lawn from scratch.

A thicker root system also means it’s more difficult for weeds to move in or thrive, and the improved root system also deters some lawn pests. Additionally, lawns that have been overseeded generally require less maintenance in terms of chemical fertilizers.

Come springtime, you’ll notice that your lawn will have a more consistent color, partially due to the grass density and partially due to the lack of weeds.

Why should aeration and overseeding be done in the fall?

Lawn aeration plugs after core aeration treatment in Smyrna, GA.

In northern Atlanta, cool-season grass (like fescue) grows really well all year. A cool-season grass requires relatively cold winters and hot summers in order to thrive.

The growing season for this type of grass is in cooler temperatures, so planting in the fall will mean the grass has time to establish itself and then continue to grow in the spring.

Why is aeration and overseeding done at the same time?

Soil becomes compacted over time, and this ultimately affects your lawn. Compacted soil means it’s more difficult for grass to get water and nutrients, and aeration helps break up that soil and aid in creating a healthier lawn.

Overseeding is done at the same time as aeration so that grass seed has optimal contact with the soil and has space to germinate and take root.

Do I have to aerate and overseed my lawn?

If you are okay with a thin-looking lawn, excessive weeds, or bare patches of soil, then no, you don’t have to aerate and overseed.

Aesthetics matter, and the way your property looks can make an impact on visitors, clients, and the general public. Maintaining a lush lawn is attractive, but it’s also practical.

When you have thin patches of grass and you don’t overseed, you’re essentially inviting weeds to move in, which will exacerbate an already damaged lawn.

Do you have thin patches of grass at your home? Contact us for aeration and overseeding.

At Bloom’n Gardens Landscape, our experts offer aeration and overseeding services for lawns at residential, commercial, and HOA properties throughout Atlanta, including cities like Atlanta, Buckhead, Smyrna and surrounding areas. If you are interested in developing a thick, lush lawn, contact us at (404) 314-1474 to learn more and schedule an appointment with our team.