Have you been feeling the 90+ degree temperatures lately? I know our landscapes have. Well it is August and we are all beginning to show a little heat stress, looking all tired and wilty. In your landscape, dull, limp leaves are a sure sign your garden is suffering.  As the yard caretaker, you may be feeling a little heat stressed too and neglecting your landscape.   Try not to succumb to the “hey its August, what is there to do in the landscape besides watch it melt” mentality. I am here to tell you that there is plenty to do that will not only help to improve your landscape year round, it will begin to look better immediately.

Most of your tasks this month will revolve around water.  In an environment like ours, an irrigation system is crucial to keeping a landscape looking its best. It is human nature that you will not water your landscape nearly enough if you try to do it by hand, plus the best watering goes on while you are still all snug in your bed. Plants that are watered after the sun comes up have a higher probability of scorching under the intense rays of the sun. They also are more susceptible to fungus when watered at the wrong time of day.

August is a great time to consult with an irrigation company about installing a new system for your home.  Already got an irrigation system? Is it fairly new or has it been in for a while. Just like with cell phones, the technology has changed considerably, making today’s irrigation systems much more water smart.  You don’t have to start from scratch though, most times a good technician can offer up suggestions to improve your existing system.  Simple fixes like adjusting spray patterns, removing obstacles, raising heads  and unclogging nozzles can make a huge difference in how your irrigation system function.

August is also a great time to repair drainage problems too.  We definitely have not been lacking in the rain department this year and many homeowners have discovered that their landscape is beginning to erode a bit or they are beginning to build unwanted pools in their back yard.  Drainage issues can develop over time or seem to jump up quite quickly, in either case they can be quite a nuisance. Extremely wet areas can breed mosquitoes making it practically intolerable to be outside.  Erosion creates ruts and makes it difficult to keep mulch in place leaving your landscape looking less than spectacular.  In the most extreme cases, a drainage problem can threaten your castle.  No matter what your drainage problem is there is a solution that can be crafted utilizing careful investigation and practical experience.  Solving drainage problems can be tricky and one of those tasks best left to a professional.