As this month comes to a close, we realize soon January 2014 will be a thing of the past. WOW where did the time go; seems to have flown right out the window. No matter, I always thought that January was a funny month anyway. Why, Oh I don’t know, somehow it makes us reflect on what went right and what went wrong in the past and in the end it makes us want to institute changes in our lives (are we really ready?). As we move on from year to year, many things happen, first and foremost we get older, tiny lines and wrinkles begin to appear, we might get a little thicker around the waist, a grey hair becomes two, three….. Many of these things we would like to forget or at least ignore but in the end it really does no good they keep happening.

What is your landscapes current state?

It is important to remember that our landscapes change as well. Changing with the season is nothing new, but I am talking about BIG change. Areas that were once very sunny are now shading as trees get bigger. The opposite can happen if a large tree needs to be removed due to disease. Plants that may have once looked great may have outgrown their space. Grass that was once green and lush may now look thin and bare. Good news, many of these problems are easily solved with a little redirection and redesign. The solution may be a simple fix like changing out some shrubs or now might be the time to install a patio that has been on the “to do” list for quite some time eliminating a problem area all together. Either way can really invigorate a tired landscape.

Freshen up your landscape in Winter

Winter can be an exciting time of year because it gives you the opportunity to look at the “bare bones” of your outdoor space in order to solve these ever present issues. Taking the time to address the basic structure in your yard is important in how it will look, and function, come spring and summer. Ignoring the tell tale signs of a dull landscape could force you to remain on the inside looking out for yet another year.

Need help rediscovering the beauty in your landscape. Call Bloom’n Gardens Landscape, our Registered Architect can help you take your landscape from Drab to Fab this winter.