Fertilization is a lawn care service that provides essential nutrients to your lawn. Although there are many nutrients available in fertilizer products, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) are the three primary nutrients in fertilizers essential for plant nutrition and growth. The "Big Three"aid various aspects of plant function, such as helping plants perform photosynthesis, grow stronger, and defend themselves from diseases and seasonal threats in Georgia. Use fertilizers that contain NPK on your lawn for a stronger, fuller, and healthier lawn.

Nitrogen (N) aids functions in every part of the plant.

Plants are made up of and absorb more nitrogen than any other nutrient in fertilizer. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient found in every area of a plant. For example, nitrogen is found in the chlorophyll of grass blades and aids in the process of photosynthesis. This nutrient also helps regulate plant growth, increases plant strength, and gives structure to a plant. As a key nutrient in the root system, nitrogen helps other important nutrients and water absorb into the roots and travel upward to the rest of the plant.

Phosphorus (P) helps your grass mature faster.

Our fertilization professional holding phosphorus with blue gloves on by a home in Marietta, GA.

Phosphorous is a great help to your grass when it comes to growing. Grass blades need phosphorus to take the sun's energy and transform it into food during the process of photosynthesis. Without an adequate phosphorus supply in the grass, the growth is diminished and prevents your lawn from reaching maturity at a normal rate. With added phosphorus, your lawn can use its extra energy to grow new shoots and other tissue materials.

The stronger your grass is, the more resilient it is against diseases and other environmental factors. Since phosphorus helps grass store and use energy from the sun, your lawn is also prepared with extra supplies to defend itself against rough conditions. Phosphorus makes sure your grass is strong enough to make it through hard circumstances, such as diseases, frost, and other environmental circumstances.

Add fertilizer with extra phosphorus to young grass seedlings to stimulate quick growth during the early stages of their life.

Potassium (K) prepares your lawn to fight disease.

Our fertilization expert holding potassium in their hands on a property in Peachtree Hills, GA.

Potassium acts as an immunity booster for your lawn from all the different problems that your grass endures. Lawns that have access to an abundance of potassium usually have greater root growth. In turn, these lawns are more resistant to stressors like drought, frost, and turf diseases.

Not only does potassium help lawns grow strong when times are tough, but it also helps make them consistently stronger during their seasons of growth. Potassium help moves water, nutrients, and carbohydrates into plant tissues more efficiently. If there is not enough potassium in a grass plant's system, the grass is stunted and won't produce new growth, which causes bare and patchy areas on your lawn. Potassium is an important element in fertilizer to help your lawn reach its full growth potential.

Schedule your lawn's next fertilizer treatment with us and rest assured that your grass gets all the nutrients it needs.

We can't always rely on our soil to have every nutrient in abundance for our grass. That's why regular fertilizer treatments are so important. They ensure that your grass is never deficient in a vital nutrient. At Bloom’n Gardens Landscape, we care about your lawn's health. That's why we've created a full-service lawn maintenance program that includes fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, and so many other lawn health services that ensure your grass is in its best shape. We service lawns in Atlanta, Buckhead, Smyrna, and surrounding areas in Georgia throughout the year. Call us at (404) 314-1474 to enroll in our full-service maintenance program today.