Sometimes I find the hardest part of designing a new space is finding some inspiration.  Often times, when I am working with a client, it seems to come easier than when I am working on my own space.  Perhaps that is because I feed off of their excitement and since it is my goal to make their dreams come to fruition, they have already done the hard part and formulated a thought process.  In my own space, no one is there to tell me what the finished product should look like, just me.  This makes things tough so I always try to search out inspiration when possible.

There are a lot of places to go for inspiration.  Many of us already have our own tactics for getting that AH HA moment.  You may be an HGTV addict or clip picture after picture from magazines. I am an avid magazine collector and have many subscriptions, which I organize and refer to often.  If I am at my desk and stumped, I can often find many answers within reach.  Don’t discount product catalogs as well.  They will also help give in site into the possibilities.

I often like to go out and look at gardens.  The spring time is a great time to do this. Many homes and private gardens are put on various tours that support community organizations. The Cadillac of all garden tours in Atlanta occurs every Mothers Day weekend. It is appropriately titled “Gardens for Connoisseurs” and features beautiful private gardens of Atlanta’s wealthier residence.  In Douglasville, we have our own special garden tour that occurs each June during the Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival.  Be on the lookout, garden tours will start to take place in April.

Cannot wait that long to jump into a beautiful garden.  The Southeastern Flower show is back with a vengeance this March.  It will feature more than 12 landscapes created by some of the area’s best garden designers.  Mark your calendars for March 15-17 at the Cobb Galleria Center, be sure to stop by our garden and say hey, we would love to meet you.  For a more practical approach, try the Atlanta Home Show sponsored by Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine.  It comes around again on March 22-24 at the Cobb Galleria Center.

Let’s not forget some great public gardens all within a short drive from home.  You will be sure to find inspiration at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Callaway Gardens, Hills and Dale, The State Botanical Gardens, Barnsley Gardens, and the newest public garden Gibb’s Gardens.  Each one will be bursting with energy all spring. With all this inspiration you will have no excuse but to get out and garden.