Here in the Atlanta, GA area, we're known more for our warm winters than artic temperatures. So, freezing temperatures do occasionally catch property owners off guard. This leads some to wonder whether they should hire a professional or take the DIY route to irrigation winterization. While winterizing your irrigation seems simple and cost-effective at first glance, there is often more to it than some think.

Ensuring you winterize your irrigation system without a hitch requires performing every step of the work to exacting standards, catching potential issues early, and carrying out each task efficiently. Hiring a qualified professional represents the best way to winterize your irrigation system without issue.

Professionals winterize your irrigation system to exacting standards.

Winterizing your irrigation system involves lots of work and know-how. There's an intricate process to winterizing your irrigation system. Professionals not only know and manage this process frequently, but they also have a system that minimizes the potential for mistakes. This helps ensure your irrigation system is 100% prepared for the winter. The process usually includes:

  • Turning off the power to the irrigation controller
  • Draining or blowing out your irrigation system
  • Shutting off the irrigation timers
  • Opening the drain valves

As a property owner, it's easy to overlook one of these steps. This can result in unpleasant surprises in the spring when you learn there are errors. When you turn to professionals, they will expertly manage the process of winterizing your irrigation system for you.

Irrigation winterization professionals identify problems before they worsen.

Irrigation technician performing a pressure test on an irrigation system in Buckhead, GA.

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a professional is they can catch potential issues during their inspection process and get them fixed before the winterization is underway. During their review, they take detailed notes on any existing issues that could complicate the winterization process. Irrigation pros prioritize these issues into items that they must address now versus later. Common problems include:

  • Pressure issues
  • Zone malfunctions
  • Sprinkler head damage
  • Cracked pipes

If the technician notices small cracks, holes, or leaks in your pipes, they'll likely fix those immediately, as freezing temperatures could lead to further damage. That's why many property owners opt to hire a skilled professional.

Professionals winterize your irrigation system with efficiency.

Professional companies have probably winterized hundreds if not thousands of irrigation systems, so they know what to do and can do it effectively. When it comes to the efficiency of winterizing your irrigation systems, it's not easy to match a trained pro. Reputable professionals get the job done right the first time rather than making mistakes that lead to do-overs.

In addition to experience, irrigation professionals also possess the right equipment. This includes a commercial air compressor that produces optimal psi. You want the compressor to be strong enough to blow the water out of your system but not so powerful that it causes damage.

If your winterization professional offers a spring start up service, be sure to schedule it because re-starting your system requires expertise.

Professional irrigation winterization is more than worth it. Let us show you, contact us now!

While winterizing your sprinkler and irrigation is certainly possible to do yourself, it requires specific skills, processes, and equipment. That is why hiring an irrigation winterization service often makes more sense than doing it yourself. We have been helping property owners winterize irrigation systems for 17 years and look forward to helping you too!

Most property owners in Atlanta, Buckhead, Smyrna, and nearby areas in Georgia call us for service in October and November. These winter slots will fill up quickly, so don't wait. Call us today at (404) 314-1474 to schedule our irrigation winterization service.