Irrigation systems have many convenient features, but among the most beneficial are the automation options they offer over manual watering. It's important to make sure your lawn is getting the hydration it needs without over or under watering throughout the year. Even in the Atlanta area where we receive regular rain, it's still necessary to water your lawn on days that it doesn't get water naturally from rain. With timers that allow you to remotely control exactly how long you're watering and when, and rain sensors that take advantage of the natural hydration your lawn is receiving, you can optimize your irrigation system to save water, time, and – subsequently – money.

Irrigation system timers and rain sensors prevent over and under watering.

Irrigation technician setting a timer in Smyrna, GA.

By setting your irrigation system up with timers, you can customize your watering schedule and save water while keeping your lawn in prime condition. Timers allow your irrigation system to water for an exact period of time, so you are using only the water your lawn needs. You can also schedule watering during the right time of day for optimum water retention. Watering in the middle of the day in peak heat will result in some evaporation, causing the watering to be less effective and for you to need to water again sooner.

Additionally, you can add rain sensors to your irrigation system so that you are taking advantage of the free hydration provided by rain. The rain sensors will communicate to the system if enough rain has fallen to satisfy your lawn and landscape so that your next watering cycle can be skipped. That means less water wasted, and no overwatering!

Drip irrigation and micro-irrigation are more methods you can use to minimize water waste while still optimizing hydration for the landscape.

Irrigation systems are a "set it and forget it" option, rain or shine.

Since an irrigation system can be automated, you are essentially able to "set it and forget it," a privilege you lose when opting for manual watering. Utilizing rain sensors saves you the hassle of micromanaging your irrigation system and making adjustments every time the weather shifts. For lawns with an irregular shape, or that are in different stages of growth depending on the section, it can be taxing to try and map out which section needs what and manually water accordingly. With an irrigation system, not only are you ensuring that the lawn and landscape are receiving even watering, but you're also able to set the schedule once rather than needing a handheld map and copious notes to determine what watering needs to be done each day. An added benefit is the ability to toggle sections on and off as they need to be worked on or updated, so you aren't getting soaked in one part of the yard just because another needs water.

When you inevitably have to be away from your home for an extended period of time, whether for a business trip or a vacation, you won't want to see the hard work put into your lawn squandered just because you aren't present to water it yourself. With an irrigation system in place, your lawn would still be taken care of and watered appropriately, rain or shine. With manual watering, you don't have that luxury.

With an irrigation system, you're also lowering your water bill and saving money.

Sprinkler system watering green lawn in Atlanta, GA.

Any upgrade that saves you water and time is also going to save you money in the long run. Saved water means a lower water bill, which increases the amount of money you have to spend on the things you enjoy. Consider what you could accomplish with not only the time you're saving, but the money you can save as well when you invest in an irrigation system!

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