An outdoor fireplace is a worthwhile investment for your property in Georgia, providing an enjoyable fireside experience while serving as a statement piece. However, you have two options you can choose from to bring it to fruition: creating a custom design from scratch or using a pre-designed kit. While you can't go wrong with either, you'll want to consider the differences to cater to your specific preferences, like whether you have a clear idea of how you want your outdoor fireplace to look, your preferred turnaround time, and your budget.

Do you already have a clear idea of how you want your outdoor fireplace to look?

One factor to consider when deciding whether you should go with a custom design or use a pre-designed kit for your outdoor fireplace is how you want it to look. If you already have a clear idea, a custom fire feature may be the way to go. After all, the design is created from scratch, giving you creative freedom over its structure, size, and shape to suit your preferences.

On the other hand, a pre-designed kit is ideal if you have a general idea of how you want your outdoor fireplace to look but need help getting started. Kits already have the structure of the feature laid out, and you can choose from numerous options to accommodate your aesthetic style and get just what you want.

Your outdoor fireplace can be wood or gas-burning, depending on which best aligns with your preferences.

What's your preferred timeline for your outdoor fireplace project?

Another factor you want to consider when choosing between a custom outdoor fireplace or a pre-designed kit is your preferred timeline for the project. Kits are typically finished faster than custom because they already have a design created, whereas the latter involves starting from scratch, which takes time. So, if you want to start enjoying your outdoor fireplace sooner, using a kit may be the best option. However, if you don't mind waiting a little longer to get exactly what you want, custom is good, too!

What's your budget for your outdoor fireplace?

The last factor to consider when choosing between a custom design or a pre-designed kit for your outdoor fireplace is your budget. Kits are typically more cost-effective because they don't take as long and may not require as much labor as building a unique layout. If you're on a tight budget, using a kit for your outdoor fireplace may be the best option. On the other hand, if you're not as concerned about the cost of your new feature and don't mind spending more to ensure it aligns with your vision, you can go with a custom design!

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