With Atlanta, GA being such a beautiful area, you'll want to make sure your lawn is properly cared for to keep it lush and green. However, there are many common mistakes people make that negatively impact the look and health of their lawn that should be avoided. Some of the common pitfalls that can ruin your grass are mowing your lawn with a dull blade, mowing in the same direction every time you mow, and mowing more than 1/3 off the top of the grass blades. If you avoid these mistakes when mowing your lawn, then you can help your grass remain in top condition throughout the year.

Mowing your lawn with a dull blade will rip your grass.

Sharpening dull blade from mower in Atlanta, GA.

One mistake that can ruin your grass is mowing with a dull blade. A dull blade will not cleanly cut your grass. Instead, it will rip your grass apart, leaving it looking jagged and torn. Not only does this make your lawn look messy, but it negatively impacts the health of your grass. Your grass will take more time to recover, and it may be more susceptible to pests and diseases. You always want to mow with a sharpened blade for that clean, even cut. Grass that has been cut evenly will be better equipped to fight off lawn diseases and it can even handle environmental stressors, like the summer heat, a lot better than grass focused on recovering.

Cleanly-cut grass blades are better at conserving water, meaning you don't have to water them as much.

Mowing your lawn in the same direction every time will create ruts in your soil and cause your grass to lean.

If you don’t switch up the mowing patterns every time you mow your lawn, then you may notice your grass will start leaning in a specific direction. This is because grass develops a grain based on the direction you mow. This will bring down the curb appeal of your lawn. In addition, this can cause ruts to form in your soil. Ruts will cause your soil to become compacted, blocking nutrients and other resources from reaching the roots of your grass. When the roots of your grass can't access the nutrients and resources that they need, your grass can become weak. When you switch up your patterns each time you mow your lawn, then you promote upright grass growth, and you can reduce the risk of ruts forming on your lawn.

Mowing more than 1/3 off the top of your grass blades can damage your lawn.

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Another common mistake that can ruin your grass is cutting it too low. When mowing your lawn, you never want to cut more than 1/3 off the top of your grass blades during a single mow. Going beyond this limit can hurt your lawn in a multitude of ways. For starters, cutting your grass too short places it under stress, causing it to take longer to recover while making it more susceptible to diseases. When your grass is cut too short, you also increase the likelihood of weeds germinating on your lawn. By only mowing 1/3 off the top of your grass blades, you’ll keep your grass at the optimal height, meaning it'll be better at fighting off diseases and pests while also working as a great form of weed control.

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