Irrigation winterization is a maintenance service that entails removing the water from your irrigation system before winter. If you don't winterize this year, your irrigation system is at risk of serious damage and your plants will be affected. That's because any water left in the pipes can freeze and expand during the winter due to the freezing temperatures we can experience here in Georgia, which can cause your pipes to burst. When spring sets in, you'll have to deal with costly repairs, delaying the time to get it running and leaving your lawn and plants without water. Winterization should not be skipped, and the best way to ensure the job is done correctly is to hire professionals. They will follow a thorough process to ensure your system is safely shut down for the winter.

If you don't have your irrigation system winterized, water could freeze in the pipes and cause them to burst!

When you don't winterize your irrigation system, you risk the chance of your irrigation system incurring damage. Any water left in the pipes could freeze over the winter, expanding inside and causing the pipes to crack and burst. Aside from the pipes, freezing water can also result in broken sprinkler heads and busted backflow devices and valves. When this happens, your irrigation system will become compromised. Even a simple leak in the pipes can easily become a larger issue, and your irrigation system will be unable to deliver the water your lawn and plants need come springtime.

Make sure your irrigation system is winterized before the first hard freeze!

Once spring rolls around, you'll be left with costly repairs to fix any damage.

If you fail to have your irrigation system winterized, it will sustain damage from the freezing temperatures over the winter and you'll be left dealing with repairs to address damage in the spring. This means that instead of getting your irrigation system back up in the spring to water your vegetation, you'll have to arrange the necessary repairs to get it running again at peak capacity. Your lawn and plants will not be able to receive the water they need at the start of the growing season, causing negative effects on their health. Aside from hurting your plants, failing to winterize your irrigation system will also hurt your wallet because repairs can be costly!

Hire professionals to winterize your irrigation system to ensure the job is done right.

Irrigation winterization is a must for your irrigation system. However, because this is such an important task, you'll want to make sure you leave it in the hands of professionals. Winterizing irrigation systems involves multiple steps that must be done correctly, and experienced pros will follow a thorough process to ensure no water is left in the system to eliminate the risk of freeze damage. They'll also have the proper equipment to ensure the job is done right, so you won't find nasty surprises in the spring.

What's more, experts can also inspect your irrigation system to catch any issues and address them immediately before they worsen. Whether it's an error in the irrigation zones, malfunctioning timers, or faulty sprinkler heads, they know how to fix them and get your system back in top shape. This way, your lawn and plants don't have to wait too long in the spring to receive water.

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If you want peace of mind knowing your irrigation system is protected from freeze damage, you need to take advantage of our irrigation winterization service. This service involves turning off your irrigation system's main water valve, draining the water inside, and shutting off timers and clocks. We offer this service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Atlanta, Buckhead, Smyrna, GA, and surrounding communities. Give us a call today at (404) 314-1474 to schedule our irrigation winterization service.