Because spring is going to arrive in less than a month, it's time to start preparing your lawn and landscape for the new season.

Here at Bloom’n Gardens Landscape, we offer a variety of lawn and landscape services to homes and businesses in Buckhead, Smyrna, and Atlanta, GA. Our landscape service providers perform yard cleanups, annual flower installations, landscape renovations, and hardscape installations to ensure your property is in the best possible condition. Check out how these services prepare your landscape for the new season below.

Spring cleanups restore the health and aesthetic appeal of your plants.

While our fall cleanup services focus on leaf removal, our spring cleanups prioritize the health of your plants. We perform regenerative pruning to reduce the size of your plants and promote future growth. Our landscaping company also performs standard pruning to remove diseased, dead, or dying branches that are stopping your plants from reaching their full growth potential.

Some additional spring cleanup services we perform to restore the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscape beds in Atlanta include:

  • Bed reshaping
  • Mulch installation
  • Weed control

Install warm-season annuals like begonias, petunias, and lantanas.

Annual flowers planted at an Atlanta, GA home.

Annual flower installation is a great way to add vibrant colors to your property's exterior just in time for the spring season. Typically, we install warm-season annuals like begonias, petunias, lantanas, and salvias.

Annual flowers offer a refreshing change from perennials. They bloom in bright colors and require very little maintenance because they complete their entire growth within one year. If you want to enjoy your landscape without stressing over the upkeep process, annual flower installation is definitely the way to go.

Renovate your landscape by installing fresh mulch and removing dying plants.

You can renovate your landscape for the spring by installing fresh mulch. Your mulch application date will vary depending on your particular landscape and when your property's mulch was last replenished, so contact us today to set up a replenishing schedule.

Some of the mulch options we have available for your Smyrna property include pine straw, pine bark, and hardwood.

Another way you can renovate your landscape for the spring is by removing dead or dying plants. With these plants removed, you can opt for the installation of new softscape for your landscape beds like:

  • Evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Shade and sun perennials
  • Vines
  • Groundcovers

Plan a new hardscape install for the spring.

Custom outdoor kitchen installed at a Buckhead, GA property.

Spring tends to be the busy season for our landscaping company. In particular, our hardscaping services become increasingly sought-after once winter ends. To ensure your outdoor feature is ready for use in the spring, plan your new hardscape install now.

As the weather warms up, you find yourself spending more time outside. Increase use of your outdoor space in the spring or add overall aesthetic appeal with a new hardscape feature such as a:

Are you interested in a spring cleanup, annual flower installation, or another landscaping service? Call us today.

Our landscape service providers help your yard recover from the harsh winter and prepare for adequate growth in the spring. If you are interested in a spring cleanup, annual flower installation, or another landscaping service, call us today at (404) 314-1474. Our services are available to both residential and commercial properties located in and around Atlanta, Buckhead, and Smyrna, GA. If you're not sure which services your yard needs, our team will offer service recommendations. From there, we will work hard to ensure your landscape is in pristine condition once spring rolls around.